Mar 9 7:46 pm

Yo! Canada!

We have three years left in the Trump term and the GOP appears utterly unwilling to stand up for their own principles much less America. And it’s unclear, apart from impeachment, which requires a majority in the House and two-thirds in the Senate, that the Democrats will have any method by which to stop Trump’s threat. (The Democrats will not have, under any circumstances, enough votes to impeach Donald Trump in the Senate. And based on Republican behavior to date, they will not have the will to join Democrats in that process.) So, again, three more years.

It’s not clear to me the country can make it through three more years of this. I do not see how we ┬ácan function much less remain strong under these circumstances for that long.

For example, Trump’s tariffs are haphazard. They apply to everyone, both unfair partners and fair. A second example is the planned meeting with Kim Jong-un. The prospect is terrifying, if for no other reason that we don’t have the staff to properly prepare. And if we did have the staff, does anyone believe Trump would listen to their advice? And these are only two of the issues we’re facing. They don’t touch on the lack of staff at the State Department, the rollbacks at the Justice Department on protections for minority and vulnerable communities, or the scores of career professionals leaving departments ranging from the EPA to the FBI because of mismanagement and outright hostility toward their missions.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t see this coming. I thought Trump might be a rich loudmouth, but the degree of his recklessness took me off-guard. And I don’t see any way to stop it. I most of all worry about who we’ll be when he’s done. Certainly, we’ll be economically weaker, because of the tariffs. Certainly, countries that once worked hand-in-hand with us with us in the lead are bolstering their independence and/or forming new alliances. Certainly, we will lose some of the talent pool from other countries which have made us exponentially wealthier as a nation (over 50% of all billion dollar American companies were started by immigrants). Certainly, we will be less secure because of the whittling down at State and the lack of ambassadors in key nations around the world. Certainly, we’ll be more fucked up than we were during even “W.” So maybe you should learn this song from the nation that is what we used to be.

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