Dec 14 6:07 pm

Voting for Jesus

America, meet Judge Roy Moore. Dog, meet tail.

I’ve been around a while. 56 years. For 40 of those years I’ve watched the business-oriented GOP transparently, hypocritically, ironically brand itself as the Party of The Lo’erd. I was there at the start in the 1970s when Pat Robertson equated voting Democratic and sinning. I watched Jerry Falwell decry Christians who surrendered their vote to the Democrats and how that act costs the aborted lives of millions of God’s “precious little babies.” The flock listened (I was one of them), and by the mid-1980s, the Republican Party and the evangelical church had all but merged; to be a Republican was to give lip service to God, to be an evangelical was to vote for the GOP. That was the power of media + faith + demagoguery + politics. Are there any combinations more potent?

The GOP’s Greatest Hits: abortion, public prayer, homosexual rights. It didn’t matter that public prayer was something Jesus himself discouraged or that abortion is not mentioned in the Bible or that God, from The Book, appears far less concerned with homosexuality than divorce, poverty, or even gluttony. But let a group of power-wielding power-hungry narcissists wrap their arms around a group of folks who view themselves as under-appreciated and disrespected messengers from God, and that small group of people surrendered their allegiance to those narcissistic politicians like an ugly duckling would surrender her womanhood to a wink. The church shed its garments for a boy with a plan. Not that he loved her. (He didn’t.) She was just useful.

The Republicans promised the church everything, and it used those promises to squeeze Christians like a wet rag for every possible vote. But the GOP delivered on nothing. No, that smooth talking boy reserved his true affection not for the ugly duckling but for pretty rich girls. Yet the church didn’t care, “Just tell me you love me.”

It’s a funny thing, though; sometimes the tail wags the dog. And the GOP now has itself a Judge Roy Moore problem — a candidate who embodies everything the party publicly pimps (and privately transgresses) — and it’s just become downright embarrassing.

As of this writing, Judge Roy has yet to concede and the votes are still being counted. Wouldn’t it be a tiny piece of justice if this man of the Lo’erd (and the public school playground) became the Republican Senator from Alabama, after all?

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