Feb 1 6:10 pm

Definition of Treason

Donald J. Trump is a 70-year old fool. I suppose I have to be forgiving of that, at least in principle, since he is mentally and emotionally unable to comprehend his duties or the laws that should guide his actions or socially acceptable behavior, and one cannot blame the mentally ill for behaving as if they’re mentally ill.

The problems we face, dire problems that we will spend years if not decades untangling, are ultimately committed not by Trump but by the Trump-complicit GOP in the Senate and the House which are giving the mad king king-like reign.

Treason is a specific yet loose term, but at its heart it is the betrayal of one’s country. And the Republican Senate and House are committing treason if these are its adequate metrics:

  1. Refusal to investigate Russian tampering in our election.
  2. Refusal to protect Mueller from White House tampering.
  3. Enabling the White House to run roughshod over our law enforcement community.
  4. Using classified information for political purposes.
  5. Providing air cover for a man mentally unfit to serve in the highest office in the land.

Elections matter. 2018 matters.

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