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A Blue Red Christmas

Everywhere you look on social media you find Democrats lamenting how they don’t have the will to decorate their Christmas tree, to buy Christmas gifts for their kids, to put up Christmas lights, to bake Christmas cookies, to take their next miserable Christmas breath. Because of Trump. Sweet Baby Jesus! It’s no wonder Democrats lose elections.

It’s time we talk, fellow Dems. About “The Donald.”

Donald J. Trump didn’t happen by chance. The Democratic Party set the stage for him when we stopped fighting for blue collar America, when we accepted support from the same people who bankroll the Republicans, when we became GOP-lite circa 1992.

This is hard to admit, at least for me, because I loved the guy. But facts are facts: Welfare recipients were hung out to dry under Clinton; unions were abandoned to all but lip service; manufacturing jobs were surrendered to other nations; Glass-Steagall was repealed and banks freed to gamble with your money. The GOP didn’t do that. The Democrats did that. We did that. And we continued the betrayal during Obama.

I contributed my time and my money to Obama and I voted for him twice. But he delivered little to nothing to working class America. We’ve blamed that on the Republican Congress. And they were unquestionably treasonous in the way they played politics with our needs. But ask yourself what Obama accomplished his first two years in office when he had a Democratic majority. Then ask what lasting legislation he fought for during his final six years. Next ask how, if he and his fellow Democrats were doing such a rock star job, they lost one thousand elected seats during his tenure.

Examples of Obama’s unwillingness to stand up for us and to big money:

  • Healthcare. Have you asked yourself why we have the plan we do? Why the ACA? Most of it was drawn up in 1993 when Bob Dole asked the conservative Heritage Foundation to create a free market competitor to Clinton’s government-run initiative. But in 2010, we weren’t offered single payer. Why? What logic required us to give profits to the healthcare industry? One can only guess.
  • Helping Families Save Their Homes Act. You may have never heard of this legislation. So bringing it up now sounds like a needle in a haystack complaint. “Why focus on one bill? Obama did other stuff.” This is why: Introduced by Dick Durbin of Illinois, the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act would have allowed judges to modify mortgages so families would not have lost their homes. That was a big deal when millions of people were staring at foreclosure. The bill was introduced immediately after the 2008 crash and had widespread support in Congress. But it failed to gain the last few votes it needed in the Senate (from recalcitrant Democrats who received large donations from the banks). A push by the popular new president with those amazing rhetorical skills and a huge base of support might have swayed those cash-under-the-table Democrats. But we’ll never know because that push never came. And 12,000,000 families lost their homes.
  • Prosecution of Wall Street executives responsible for the 2008 crash. If you want a direct connection between Democrats and Trump’s eventual win of the White House, look no further than the president’s refusal to prosecute the villains (there’s no other word for them) who stole millions of middle class homes. Twelve million people who once owned a home, who once paid property taxes to localities, who once were building a nest egg, saw the criminals who stole their futures go free under a Democrat. And in 2016 they saw nothing in Hillary Clinton that differed from that Democrat except that those same criminals paid her hundreds of thousands of dollars to pat them on their backs.

Stings, doesn’t it?

If we don’t face up to our party’s collusion in the destruction of the American middle class and don’t fight to force it back to the left, Donald Trump will be the least of our concerns. We have to wise up, Democrats, and toughen up, and then get to work.

If you’re a Democrat or a liberal-leaning Independent, go online or call the Democratic Party in your county and get the name of your delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Contact them. Tell them you want them to vote for Bernie Sanders-endorsed Keith Ellison for DNC Chair. That vote is in February, so contact them soon. Meet Keith: 

Next make connections. Go to a Democratic Party meeting. Go to a Bernie Sanders’s OurRevolution meeting. Take to heart the advice you give your kids when they’re moping around the house after life pees on their parade: Do something!

So. Are we done here? Good.

Now go decorate your damned tree.