Jan 17 11:56 pm

No Vision, No Decision

Reading the New York Times, it became very clear that two groups of people who voted for Donald J. Trump for president still support him today: Die hard right-wingers and middle of the road types who want — likely need — blue collar jobs to return to America. Sure, racists fit tidily into the mix, but they are not the majority of Trump supporters. Democrats make up a far larger percentage.

The Democratic Party needs to start paying attention to these voters. They matter. They’re the people the party used to fight for tooth and nail when it butted up against the pro-investor class Republicans. But, sadly, for the DNC to acknowledge the validity of these voters requires it to acknowledge the same concerns by Bernie Sanders supporters, and to question the party’s loyalty to the wealthy free-trade donors from Wall Street that the party has come to depend on for its campaign coffers.

The Democratic Party, like the GOP but for different reasons (or maybe the same reasons), is at a crossroads. Will they serve the donor class or the working class? Remarkably, one year after they party’s shocking loss to Donald Trump, it can still not decide.




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